Romantic room makeover’s

Romantic room makeover’s


Hello everyone, welcome to my blog

Today being Valentine’s Day, most of you with partners would be in a romantic mood. And there would be plans for dinner either just the 2 of you or friends and family joining in your celebrations.

Some of you maybe wanting to make this day special just by spending some quality time together at home just the two of you.

In such a case you would want your bedroom’s to look and play the part in your romantic adventure together.

Now mostly when we think of Valentine’s Day the first thought to spring in our head is the colour Red.

We associate Love with the colour red hence a whole day dedicated to love must have red in it.

So we figure painting a room red would make it more romantic, or lining up the room with maximum number of red accessories would make it romantic, but is this how it is supposed to be? Would red therapy in your room make it more romantic or would it just make it too loud to be felt cozy in.?

Let me tell you something, no matter how much the colour red would be representing love and affection etc, it, if used in excess will become boring, loud, dull, and drag. I know Red is primarily associated with Love but one must not forget it’s also the colour associated with war and anger, your face turns red when you are embarrassed or feeling shy it also turns red when you are angry.

So should you be red washing you entire room and creating some sort of disharmony? I think no.

Let me help you create the right mood for your romantic endeavor

Let us begin

  1. The very first step and I mean pre- everything step, would be to CLEAN your room.

I cannot emphasize enough the difference just this one step would make in your room,

Now I know time is of essence here so I am not going to ask you to clean your whole wardrobe, but the room or whatever you can see lying around has to go to its proper place and there should be no clutter seen in front

  1. Once you have cleaned the room now you are in a better position to see what can be done and what needs to be done
  • Start by changing the bed sheet
  • 367521-54614-15

This is the most under rated act to be done in a bedroom, once you change your bed sheets and pillow covers and put new clean once you will find a very new room staring back at you

For the cozy romantic feel, my best tip would be, look at the wall colour of your room, mostly it’s all white or pale pastels, so go with a darker color like a darker brown, yellow or red even, no blues as it’s a cold color and we want warmth and coziness.

  • Dust the furniture in your bedroom, make everything shine.
  • Change the curtains or drapes, try to keep the colours of all the fabrics in your room mostly similar to give a unified decorated look
  • exclusive-romantic-bedroom-design-images-01
  1. Now that you have covered all this, its time to accessorize
  • now this can be done in many ways,

(a)    for people on a liberal budget, a quick stop at any furnishing store can help you

(b)   but those of you on a tight budget, this is the best time for showing your DIY skills

Here are certain DIY project links which are less time consuming and also pocket friendly


This beautiful vase isn’t difficult nor expensive and best can be made at home


This wall feature can even go above your head rest and can also be put up in some empty wall in your room


Now as you can see these candles look complicated but think how easy are they to make

The 1st one its just a vase with a floating candle

The 2nd is just a candle with heart made on the holder

The 3rd id just the letter’s love carved in cardboard and covered with red crafts paper with a good sized red flower vase in between

See all this looks nice and sort of complicated but isn’t when you come to think                         of it, its pretty doable

But believe me even a collage made with old pictures of you two together is also 1 of the greatest accessory that you can hang up in a good frame on your walls.

Even re-furbishing old picture frames or just by adding a few scented candles to the room will make a great deal of difference

*re-furbishing- painting here

4. Now once this is done spray your room with some warm scent or place a good potpourri in the room for a nice soft fragrance, this will brighten up the mood and also lighten up a person

5. Now look back relax and see your room is done and you can have an amazing time together, just the 2 of you in your own cozy space.

For more amazing design ideas stay tuned in

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